Linux Administrator

Ravindra Singh Moyal
Software Engineer

Technical Proficiency:-

Operating System     :    Red Hat Linux 5, CentOS, Fedora
Email Server              :    Sendmail
Web Server                :       Apache, Nginx
Network Server         :    DHCP, FTP, SAMBA, DNS
Network Security      :    Iptables, Hardware Firewall (Watch Guard),
Proxy Server               :    tinyproxy
Database                      :    MySQL, SQL
Monitoring Tool         :       Nagios, Opsgenie.
Document server        :    mediawiki
Ticketing Tool             :     Jira
Chat server                   :    Open Fire
Version Control System    :    Subversion and Git
Directory Server                 :       LDAP and Active Directory
Virtual Infrastructure        :    VMware, Xen virtualizaion,AWS
Scripting                              :     Shell scripting, PHP
Caching                                :     Memcache, Redis , Varnish
Other Tools                         :    VNC,RPM and YUM configuration, Postfix, FTP, SSH and TELNET, LVM, rsync,Filesystem management,Iptables, FIREWALL, RPM installation/up gradation & Configuration,Servers nstallation/ configuration, maintenance & troubleshooting,NetAcuity.

Database        :       Creation of database, tables, users, User authentication and troubleshooting,Replication of master master and master slave sql server, Clustering of mysql  servers,backup of mysql servers through mysql dump, Adding php-fpm for socket connection                 between apache or nginx servers
Knowledge         :      Jenkins, BigData, Mapreduce, Hadoop, Sqoop

Job Responsibilities:-
Manage servers in different environment and provide support to Developers including:
•    Initial Setup of Servers
•    DNS
•    Server Administration – Disk Cleanups, Log Rotation, User Administration
•    User Administration
•    Restart Requests
•    Build Deployments and RollBack
•    Firewall Requests
•    Order Install and Configuration of SSL Certs
•    Script for build automation
•    Documentation – Update wiki page with Environment information / URL’s / Procedures
•    Create Apache Build and Configurations
•    Jenkins Setup
•    SVN Setup

1.    Study system logs and identifying issue with computer systems. : Checking apache error log, access log, mysql     error logs, slow_query_log etc.
2.    Integrating new technologies into existing environments as per industry or client’s requirements: Installation and     up gradation of system software and application software
3.    Perform a routine audit of systems: Auditing cron jobs and log, checking firewall and blocked IP.
4.    Downloading backups in secondary drives or local system: Checking scripts, cron log responsible for backup.     Verifying backup.  Scripts generate backup on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
5.    Applying operating system updates, patches, installing and configuration modules as per requirement: installing     updates, patches via yum server, rpm and .tar.gz files.  Editing httpd.conf, my.cnf ,.
6.    Installing new software and configuring/optimizing software: configuration of new software installed in server as     per client or server requirement and optimizing it, if causes any server load issue or any performance issue for     any account or service.
7.    Answering critical technical queries: troubleshoot the issue raised by client and reply with solution.
8.    Responsibility for system security. Configuring firewall and system scanning. File level security i.e. chmod and     chown, IPTABLES, TCP_RAPPERS host.allow, host.deny, ACL, firewall (CSF).
9.    Troubleshooting any problems which are reported by client or system: troubleshoot issues reported by client on     real time.
10.    System performance tuning and hardware up gradation: Making coordination among DISK, RAM and CPU So that we can     get the best of these all.
11.    Responsible for the network infrastructure is up and running: Website support for 24X7 .

Organizational Work Experience:-.

•Rightster India LLP.
November 2011 – Present (2 years 5 months)Gurgaon, India
Infra Engineer

•S2 infotech PVT. LTD.
June 2010 – August 2010 (3 months)Gurgaon, India

•Banana Outsourcing PVT. LTD.
February 2010 – May 2010 (4 months)Jaipur Area, India
Software developer (ASP.NET)